Antarctica in the Classroom

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Curriculum

Module 3

Module 3 - Penguins & Statistics

Statistics is all about the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data, and it plays a key role in the study of our environment. Scientists use statistics to look for patterns, make connections, and identify areas of concern.

Saildrones make it possible to collect the data that scientists need to monitor climate change by studying tagged penguins and the areas where they feed and analyzing the relationship between predators and their prey (eg. fish and krill).

Lesson 1

Penguin Data Handling & Interpretation

Learning Objectives

Know the importance of the data handling cycle when planning an investigation

Identify a good hypothesis

Explain the different types of data representation

Analyze different forms of data representation

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Lesson 2

Finding Averages and Exploring the Range

Learning Objectives

Know and calculate the mean, mode and median

Know and calculate range

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Lesson 3

Presenting and Analyzing Penguin Data

Learning Objectives

Know how to select and present data

Know how to interpret, analyze and present data accurately

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