Andy Ziegwied Joins Saildrone as VP of Ocean Data

Andy Ziegwied brings over 20 years of experience supporting oceanographic data collection and uncrewed platforms to lead Saildrone’s Ocean Data division.

April 15, 2021

Saildrone is excited to announce the addition of Andy Ziegwied as Vice President of Ocean Data. Ziegwied comes to Saildrone from L3Harris Technologies, Inc (formerly ASV Global) where he has been delivering uncrewed commercial, scientific, and defense solutions, overcoming customer and societal acceptance through regulatory uncertainties over the past five years. Prior to L3Harris, Ziegwied provided integrated instrumentation solutions as Vice President of Ocean Science of the international MacArtney Underwater Technology Group. His background includes application engineering with instrument manufacturer Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc. and oceanographic fieldwork and project management with Evans-Hamilton, Inc. 

“Saildrones have revolutionized access to our oceans, enabling ocean data collection at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. We have worked tirelessly with scientists from all over the world to push our technology to new extremes, while collecting climate quality data. Andy is the ideal person to take our proven technology to the next level, scaling our data missions around the globe,” said Richard Jenkins Saildrone CEO and founder.

Ziegwied holds a bachelor’s degree in Oceanography from the University of Washington and is currently pursuing an MBA in Executive Leadership at Oregon State University. As VP of Ocean Data, Ziegwied will lead Saildrone’s ocean data division, growing our capabilities and infrastructure.

The structure of Earth’s oceans is changing. Stronger winds are deepening the ocean surface layer, churning phytoplankton deeper, decreasing CO2 and heat absorption, and potentially altering the food web and our global food securities. Ocean science encompasses a variety of disciplines (physical, geological, and chemical oceanography, as well as marine biology) that seek data on the global marine environment to support sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, offshore renewables, the effects of coastal habitat change, and restoration. Ocean science and technology have evolved to address new societal needs driving coastal management, conservation, predictions, and policy to mitigate hazards and disaster risks affecting global stability. 

We have entered the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021 to 2030. Saildrone’s growing fleet is well positioned to support the global community’s actions to sustainably manage our ocean’s role in climate regulation and monitoring coastal ocean processes. 

“Saildrone’s cost-effective, environmentally-friendly wind and solar-powered ocean drones support 24/7/365 autonomous mission-as-a-service operations that will increase observations in priority areas of ocean science where action is urgently needed, collecting ocean data in temporal and spatial scales not yet realized to feed data-starved models. I have spent my career supporting operational oceanography and ocean observations through instrumentation, integrated systems, and uncrewed platforms. This is the right company at the right time, delivering the data we need for the oceans we want—without risking human health and safety. I am proud to join Saildrone and excited to continue supporting the ocean science community with an innovative and sustainable company,” said Ziegwied.

Ziegwied is the chair of the Marine Technology Society Uncrewed Maritime Systems Committee and serves on the AUVSI Cascade Chapter Board and Maritime Advocacy Committee. He is also an industry member representative for the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.

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