Global Weather Forecast

Saildrone-powered Weather Forecast

Saildrone Forecast is a beautiful and accurate weather app that leverages the same data expertise we use to manage our fleet of ocean drones.

Get the information you need when you need it so you can train smarter and adventure better.

wind and temperature in San Francisco

Micro-forecast accuracy

Get reliable, precise forecasts with HD weather; based on data trusted by elite athletes and scientists. See real-time, minute-by-minute forecasts for current and future conditions.

Unmatched technology

Our fleet of saildrones continuously crisscrosses the planet collecting atmospheric and oceanographic data to power our forecast model unmatched by traditional inputs.

Simple yet powerful design

From quick snapshots to detailed graphs and beautiful maps, you’re in control. Quickly check the day’s forecast or dive deep into the advanced settings to customize how you see the world.

Perform your best

Weather anything with activity-based insights. Know the best time and place for adventures from sea to summit. Gear up and get out with confidence.

Saildrone Forecast as visualized on web, iPad, and iPhone 11 Pro

HD wind & water

Get fresh and accurate (1,000 m) wind and tidal currents forecasts, so you can perform your best. 24/7 coverage with minute-by-minute visualizations and hourly graphs.

HD temperature

Get temperature confidence down to the block-level with our HD model. It uses up to 750X more data points vs. standard models for the same sized area.

What you want to know, when you want to know it

Customize transparency, units, color range, particles, arrows, or barbs. Save weather notifications for places you care about and control when you receive them.

Keep your data secure

We will never sell your location or other personal data to third-party companies or advertisers. Never, ever. We're 100% ad-free, too.