Autonomous Bathymetry at Scale

Cost-effective Solutions for Global Seabed Mapping

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Science Insights from Remote Oceans

Fisheries Acoustics, Heat & Carbon Fluxes, Met-Ocean Data in Extreme Conditions

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Persistent Eyes and Ears at Sea

Enhanced Maritime Domain Awareness in Every Ocean

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Wind-Powered Ocean Drones

Unmanned, Beyond-the-Horizon, 12 Months Mission Duration

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Global Data Collection Capability

Mission-as-a-Service: Define your mission, stream real-time data

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High Resolution Planetary Data Sets

Data-as-a-Service: Real-time access to quality-controlled datasets

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Drone-Powered Global Weather Forecast

Because better data means a better forecast

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Our global fleet of wind and solar-powered ocean drones monitors
the state of the planet in real time, above & below the surface.


Two autonomous wind-powered vehicles sailed from Cabo Verde to Trieste, Italy, demonstrating how fit-for-purpose technology can be used to increase ocean observation.

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Two saildrones have been collecting data about air-sea interactions in a productive region of the western Tropical Atlantic on behalf of NOAA.

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Data collected by two saildrones and a subsurface glider along a transect between Italy and Croatia will be intercompared with that of the E2M3A ocean station.

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