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How do I add the Saildrone Forecast widget?
Can I customize the Saildrone Forecast widget?
How do I customize my daily notifications?
How can I turn off daily notifications?
Can I sync my favorites across devices?
How do I access my favorite locations?
How do I search for a new location?
How do I remove a favorited location?
Is wind direction displayed based on True North or Magnetic North?
What do the wind direction arrows mean?
What do the precipitation percentages mean?
How do I change the map layers?
How can I see conditions in more detail?
What do the colors represent?
How do I turn on or reset Local Colors?
How do I sync my subscription across my iOS devices?
How do I subscribe?
What are the subscription plans?
How do I cancel my subscription?
How do I search for a location?
How do I save and access a favorite location?
How do I zoom on the map?
What do the colors represent?
How do I see conditions visualized for certain times?
How can I change the weather units?
What is Saildrone?
What is a saildrone?
What kinds of missions are saildrones used for?
How can I access Saildrone Forecast?
Is there a Saildrone Forecast Android app?
What countries are you available in?
Where does your forecast model come from?
How do saildrones contribute to forecast accuracy?
How often are forecasts updated?
Does Saildrone Forecast show radar?
Why are your wind forecasts sometimes different than those shown by my sailing instruments?
How does Saildrone Forecast predict currents in San Francisco Bay?