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Saildrone offers a paradigm shift in how we explore our oceans. Our measurements and observations taken above and below the ocean surface provide insight and intelligence for defense, commercial, and scientific applications.

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Leading-edge Technology for Maritime Exploration

Data quality is paramount at Saildrone. In close collaboration with our partners, we established a robust and transparent data chain of custody from raw observations to the real-time and final data we distribute. Our CF-compliant metadata describes in detail all procedures undertaken to meet the highest level of scientific standards.


Multiple years of at-sea comparisons correlating Saildrone data with the established standards have established scientific confidence in our measurements and sampling protocols.


The Saildrone platform carries a flexible array of sensors to capture critical data for a variety of use cases, delivered via web portal or Open API.


In Situ Data from Our Global Fleet

Browse publicly available sample data sets from completed missions, available for download in NetCDF format.

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Data Types

Enhanced visual detection

Maritime Domain Awareness

Enhanced visual detection combined with radar and AIS receivers and fused with advanced machine learning models, edge processed and delivered in real time.

Radar image


Full ocean depth multibeam mapping from shore to 11,000 m meeting the most stringent data requirements.

Meteorological image


Explore the continental shelf (300 m and shallower). Saildrone’s Voyager class comes equipped with the latest in Science-grade sensors to collect essential ocean and climate variables.multibeam echo sounder technology to meet a clients' most stringent data collection requirements for safety of navigation, exploration, and characterization of the seabed.

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Fisheries echo sounders to measure backscatter and proprietary acoustic systems to detect, classify, and localize marine mammals.


Your Data, Your Format

Web Portal

Saildrone’s proprietary Mission Portal provides secure real-time data access and visualization with external data integrations and the ability to manage a user’s fleet.

Open API

Saildirone telemetry, MDA, and metocean data are available via API for integration into other COPs.

Historical Data

Publicly available data is available for download in NetCDF format.

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