The World’s Most Capable USVs

Saildrone’s three classes of USVs have been developed to balance payload flexibility and endurance. Combined with industry-leading hardware, proprietary software, and advanced machine learning, Saildrone USVs are the most trusted platform available for a wide range of critical maritime applications.


Transforming Ocean Access through Advanced Technology

Fully Managed Mission Service

Saildrone handles the transportation of the vehicles to the area of operations, launches, deploys, and retrieves them, and delivers high-resolution data in near-real time.

Long-duration Operations

Wind propulsion and solar technology allow Saildrone USVs to stay at sea longer than any other vessel available.

Payload Versatility

Customizable sensor payloads to meet a wide range of science, defense, and commercial objectives.

Built for the Harshest Ocean Conditions

A ruggedized platform built to endure extreme conditions, no crewed support vessel required—reducing operational cost, complexity, and risk.

Environmentally Friendly

Quiet operations with low environmental impact and low or no carbon footprint.

Safety at sea

Saildrone is committed to safe operations at sea. All vehicles are equipped with an automatic identification system (AIS) transceiver, navigation lights, high-visibility wing colors, onboard cameras, and/or radar reflector.


nautical miles sailed

Equal to 57.2 times circumnavigating the Earth


days at sea

Equal to 109.1 years for a single vehicle


The Right Platform for the Mission


Full-ocean depth mapping and extended maritime domain awareness range.

Defense & Security

Spec Sheet


Spec Sheet


Coastal operations with a persistent datalink, increased power, and versatile payload configurations.

Defense & Security

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Spec Sheet


Exclusively wind and solar powered for up to 365 continuous days at sea.

All-weather Science & Fisheries

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Saildrone exceeded our expectations in terms of the size of the payload, speed, data quality, and user interface…Working with the Saildrone team was a pleasure.”

Francisco Chavez

Senior scientist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

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