Scalable Solutions for Trans Ocean Cable Surveys

Ideal for subsea cable route surveys, Saildrone’s survey solution is low-cost, low-impact, and easily scalable—with assets that are readily available to meet customer timelines. Saildrone delivers high-quality deepwater survey data more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional ship-based methods, presenting a groundbreaking shift in maritime accessibility.


Transforming Ocean Access through Advanced Technology

Saildrone reduces the operational cost, complexity, and risk of trans-ocean cable hydrographic surveys. Saildrone vehicles operate 24/7, even in challenging environments, while collecting high-resolution mapping data. And, they’re available now.


Your Mission is in Good Hands


Mission Planning

Saildrone Mission Management undertakes a rigorous, comprehensive planning process in close collaboration with clients. A thorough feasibility analysis identifies the deployment zone, and the most optimal routes for mission success are ascertained.


Mission Execution

Saildrone manages missions end-to-end, including logistics, deployment, and operations. The Mission Portal enables remote monitoring for real-time data assessment and customization of survey plans to meet clients’ needs. Raw data is quickly processed through a high-speed, low-latency Starlink connection.


Post Mission

After the mission concludes, Saildrone will handle vehicle retrieval and logistics. Our experienced ocean data research team can then process the data and deliver comprehensive data packages to our clients.

Client Stories

Discover how Saildrone technology is used to economically collect high-resolution deep sea bathymetry data in a range of ocean environments.

The data quality from the surveyor is of very high quality, and as good as anything we have seen from a ship. Due to the wind-powered nature of the vehicle, it is very quiet, and this enables the very accurate acoustic measurements needed to map to these depths.”

Larry Mayer

Director of UNH Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM)

The completion of the summer mapping mission using saildrones is an achievement for all involved. This mission lays the groundwork for future mapping operations in not only the Arctic but other remote locations.”

Rear Adm. Shephard M. Smith

Former Director of NOAA Office of Coast Survey

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