Protecting our World’s Oceans

For a maritime nation, national security, as well as economic and social activity, rely on safe and open sea lines of communication. Saildrone's future-ready platform has a proven record for seamless integration into a hybrid fleet, delivering a decisive maritime advantage.


Transforming Ocean Access through Advanced Technology

Gain a strategic advantage in the maritime domain with unmatched technology. Developed by a diverse team of experts, Saildrone’s USVs are fully autonomous, supervised by trained professionals, and provide persistent maritime domain awareness.

Purpose-built defense and security payloads include an array of sensors operating above and below the surface designed to observe, detect, and deter. These autonomous eyes and ears complete missions in near-silence, enabling more efficient use of low-density / high-demand manned assets, enabling them to prioritize resources and out-compete adversaries.


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109.83 knots

Highest wind speed recorded

14.15 meters

Highest significant wave height

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Your Mission is in Good Hands


Mission Planning

Saildrone Mission Management collaborates closely with operators and principals to build, maintain, train, and equip a highly capable fleet. We identify strategic deployment zones and determine optimal routes while maintaining flexibility to dynamic mission objectives.


Mission Execution

Our vehicles are fully capable of staying on mission for extended periods, collecting vital data 24/7. This data can be accessed seamlessly through a secure API, which fully integrates into common operating pictures (COP) and analytical platforms, or via our web portal.


Post Mission

Once a mission is successfully executed, Saildrone assumes responsibility for all the logistics and operations of fleet recovery.

Client Stories

Explore how our customers achieve maritime supremacy by leveraging Saildrone’s advanced technology.

It’s clear that autonomous technology is a growing industry and has great potential to enhance Coast Guard operations. Combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, unmanned systems could be a game changer.”

Cmdr. Blair Sweigart

US Coast Guard Research and Development Center

Operation Windward Stack begins with testing as we integrate the information we receive from the Saildrones into our fleet command center to further increase maritime domain awareness in the US Southern Command Area of Responsibility (AOR).”

Lt. Cmdr. John Clark

Director of US 4th Fleet Current Operations (COPS)

Unlock the Power of Autonomous Technology

Learn how Saildrone’s USVs can fuse smoothly with your current command and control systems to extend the reach of traditional manned assets.