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We take on challenges in places and conditions that few others dare to explore. Whether you're building saildrones or developing hardware to tackle the most demanding ocean environments or designing software that pushes the boundaries of exploration, at Saildrone, you can be part of shaping the future, too.

Understanding Our Oceans Is a Critical Piece to Quantifying Our Blue Planet

Our mission is to sustainably explore, map, and monitor the ocean to understand, protect, and preserve our world. We design, build, and operate the most advanced uncrewed platforms on the market, delivering data to make global processes such as weather forecasting, carbon cycling, global fishing, seafloor topography, and maritime security more predictable, visible, and actionable.

We strongly believe in proof through demonstration, and our results speak for themselves—from our origins harnessing wind power to break speed records to the extreme endurance of our platforms and the scientifically vetted quality of our data.

Above all, we are a team of passionate and fun-loving individuals with a diverse background of expertise and a shared culture of transformation through action. From designing hardware for extreme conditions to fearlessly testing software in the most remote parts of the world, we tackle challenges where few others dare to go and seek impact everywhere we can create it.


Life at Saildrone

Saildrone HQ is located in sunny Alameda, a short ferry ride from San Francisco, in a former airplane hangar that was once used to film The Matrix.

Monthly BBQs are a Saildrone tradition! You are free to invite your family, and friends to meet your colleagues and tour our facility! (Every menu includes dishes for all food preferences.)

We believe that dogs can foster a playful and happier workplace. Saildrone welcomes your four-legged friends.

We encourage team bonding through activities like the annual Hackathon, mixed-team Department Wars, or the Software team’s Cardboard Boat Race.

Saildrone got its origins in land sailing! We own several “land yachts” available for use to try out and hone your sailing skills.

Avid sailors and beginners alike are invited to join one of Saildrone’s many extracurricular groups, including the running club, climbing group, and swim team!

We seek feedback from our employees about what’s working and what’s not—because your voice matters.


All Employees Enjoy a Comprehensive Benefits Package

Paid Time Off

We believe in the chance to take a break from the daily demands of the job and find time to rest, recharge, and spend time with family and friends. In addition to paid holidays and sick leave, we provide accrued PTO.

Health Coverage

Your well-being is our top priority. We offer comprehensive health plans, including medical, dental, and vision, to suit you and your dependent’s needs best.

Life Insurance

Basic life is covered by Saildrone, with the option to purchase additional life insurance for you, your spouse, and dependents.

Paid Parental Leave

We recognize the need for parents to bond with new additions to their families. We provide up to 12 weeks of paid maternity/paternity leave for employees.

Military Leave

We support employees who are members of our Armed Forces during active/reserve duty and mandatory training exercises with subsidized pay, making up the difference between the amount paid to the employee by the armed forces and their regular earnings for up to 12 weeks.


Many Saildroners are in it for the long haul, and we appreciate it! Full-time employees who have worked here for five or more consecutive years are eligible to apply for sabbatical leave. with job protection.

Professional Development

Learning is important to us, and we encourage our employees to increase skills relevant to their positions with an annual stipend to use towards courses, programs, and activities.


Saildrone has in place a 401k plan through Fidelity to help you think and plan for your retirement with resources to financial planning tools.

Awards and Recognition

Saildrone has been recognized repeatedly for maritime innovation, cutting-edge data software, and operational excellence.

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