Mission-ready Defense and Security Solutions

Saildrone is modernizing maritime domain awareness, delivering decisive tactical and strategic advantage for national security and law enforcement at sea through integrated autonomous technology.

Employ Saildrone vehicles for the dull, dirty, and dangerous MDA missions for the most effective employment of low-density, high-demand manned platforms.

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Enhanced visual detection


Saildrone offers enhanced visual detection delivered via an array of cameras combined with radar and AIS receivers and fused with proprietary machine learning models running on advanced GPUs to counter illegal maritime activity, secure territorial integrity, and protect valuable infrastructure.

A saildrone from under the sea


Leverage Saildrone’s cutting-edge technology to develop an enhanced understanding of the undersea domain. With USVs capable of operating in any environment, and an array of sensors to detect undersea activity from the surface to the ocean floor, Saildrone vehicles enable enhanced maritime security at a fraction of the cost of manned platforms.


Proven Operations in the Harshest Environments

Reliability at Sea

Saildrone's global experience in challenging environments, redundant propulsion capabilities, and hardened datalinks ensure seagoing reliability and data security.

Smarter Data in Real Time

Leverage a decade of data collected at the sea and proprietary ML/AI algorithms to get better data, not just more data.

Low Acoustic Signature

Saildrone's USVs produce minimal acoustic signatures and vibrations, resulting in near-silent operations that enhance the data quality of defense-specific payloads.

Payload Integration

Saildrone's modular payload integrations conform to the highest standards honed through years of integrating advanced scientific payloads for ocean data clients.

A saildrone photographed from below

Purpose-built Payloads for Defense, Law Enforcement, and Commercial Applications

Saildrone’s fleet of vehicles can be equipped with an array of payloads configured to observe, detect, and deter. Sensors operating above and below the surface deliver persistent maritime domain awareness in real time.


Augment Assets and Increase Mission Efficacy

Out-sense, out-decide, and out-fight any adversary leveraging Saildrone’s fully managed mission service to accelerate decision cycles with accurate, real-time data and AI.

Accomplish your mission more efficiently by combining Saildrone’s advanced technology with legacy assets. Enhance the effectiveness of crewed platforms by exporting the dull, dirty, and dangerous work to uncrewed platforms. 


Mission Deployment

Saildrone Mission Management works with operators and decision-makers to efficiently and strategically determine deployment zones and pinpoint optimal routes to meet the needs of dynamic mission sets.


Mission Execution

Vehicles remain on task for months at a time, and collected data can be accessed 24/7/365 via secure API, which seamlessly integrates into common operating pictures (COP) and analytical platforms. Saildrone’s vehicles operate without the added logistical and operational challenges of crewed platforms.


Data Delivery

Edge-processed data is delivered throughout the mission in real time, allowing for enhanced decision-making and responsiveness.


Post Mission

On mission completion, Saildrone Mission Management oversees all the logistics and operations of fleet recovery.


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109.83 knots

Highest wind speed recorded

14.15 meters

Highest significant wave height

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The Saildrone USV is an engineering marvel and the company that Richard Jenkins has built around it is transforming how we think about accessing our world’s oceans. Saildrones are a paradigm shift in autonomous maritime capability.

James F. Guerts

Former Asst. Secretary of the Navy

Solutions for Enhanced Decision-making and Rapid Response

Discover how Saildrone’s advanced technology can be leveraged to ensure you effectively achieve your maritime security and law enforcement objectives.


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