Navigating an Ocean of Data

Saildrone is the world’s leading collector of ocean related in situ data via uncrewed vehicle, above and below the sea surface. Government, scientific, and commercial organizations around the globe rely on Saildrone to deliver the critical information they need—when they need it.

Environmentally Friendly
Low or no carbon footprint or environmental impact operations delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches
AI Enabled
Supported by the world’s leading AI marine identification system
Secure Data Portal
Secure Mission Portal provides 24/7 real-time access to your mission
Based in the USA
American made, owned, and operated

A Protected Planet

Maritime Domain Awareness

Advanced AI for maritime intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions powered by proprietary machine learning and Saildrone’s purpose-built platform.

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A Charted Planet

Ocean Mapping

Autonomous single-beam and multibeam bathymetric data collection for navigation and charting, telecommunications, offshore energy, and physical oceanography to 7000 m depth.

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A Quantified Planet

Ocean Data

Cost-effective solutions for high-quality, fit-for-purpose in situ ocean and climate data collection with a robust data chain of custody, from sensor calibration to final distribution.

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Our global fleet of wind and solar-powered ocean drones monitors the planet in real time, above and below the surface.
Some Recent Missions
Atlantic to Mediterranean
The first mission by an autonomous vehicle from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, collecting environmental and carbon data for climate science.
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USCG MDA Demonstration
The USCG examined the feasibility, costs, and benefits of using low-cost autonomous vehicles to provide persistent maritime domain awareness in remote areas of the ocean.
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Alaska Pollock Survey
With ship-based surveys canceled due to COVID-19, NOAA Fisheries turned to Saildrone to collect data to support the sustainable management of America’s largest fishery.
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Arctic Single-Beam Mapping
An 8,000 nautical mile mission from San Francisco to the Canadian border to provide modern, accurate mapping data of Alaska’s North Slope and the Bering Sea.
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What Our Users Are Saying
"The changes that are occurring in the environment are so rapid, innovative methods for collecting data, such as those that Saildrone is providing and evolving, are more important than ever."
Robert Foy
Science and research director of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center
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