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Persistent Eyes and Ears at Sea

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Wind-Powered Ocean Drones

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Our global fleet of wind and solar-powered ocean drones monitors
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Saildrone has deployed a vehicle with a specially designed wing to chase hurricane-strength winter storms in the North Pacific.

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The USCG is examining the feasibility, costs, and benefits of using low-cost autonomous vehicles to provide persistent maritime domain awareness in remote areas of the ocean.

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Four saildrones sailed 8,000 nautical miles round trip from San Francisco to the Canadian border to collect bathymetry data off Alaska’s North Slope.

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"Saildrone exceeded our expectations in terms of the size of the payload, speed, data quality, and user interface. We also gained an appreciation of the limitations of using an autonomous sailing vessel in terms of reliance on wind and turning relative to wind direction. Our overall experience with saildrones at MBARI has been very good. We have been primarily interested in the bioacoustics data capability and the product delivered was of high quality. Working with the Saildrone team was a pleasure."

Francisco Chavez
Senior scientist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

"Saildrone can get the data that will contribute to the understanding of the ongoing ocean and climate change and variability led by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The pCO2 data obtained onboard the saildrone in particular, as well as the standard met and surface ocean data, will surely contribute to SDG 13 and also SDG 14."

Kentaro Ando
Director of international research in the Western Pacific Region, Research Institute for Global Change, JAMSTEC

"I was very impressed by Saildrone's service. We got answers and responses almost immediately. It took no time at all to learn how to use the Mission Portal where you can see the data and input waypoints. For the echo sounder, it's very good to have in-house knowledge so that we could test out different settings."

Espen Johnsen
Chief acoustician at the Institute of Marine Research (Norway)