Production Technician

The most interesting thing I’ve learned in my time at Saildrone is the mission itself—the importance of ocean exploration in ensuring a safe, sustainable planet.

As a production technician, I’m responsible for assembling electro-mechanical systems, harnessing and testing them to demonstrate that they work in a lab or production environment. 

Quality isn’t an accident; it requires vigilant effort every day, and that’s something we’re committed to here at Saildrone. I’m responsible for Quality Control of the majority of the cables coming out of the Cable room for a range of vehicle systems, from the cameras to the actuators and core boxes.

I was attracted to Saildrone because the company provides ocean data solutions with uncrewed surface vehicles—with very few competitors. From my experience, Saildrone is made up of a lot of hard-working people. I like that.

I’m responsible for the majority of cables for a range of vehicle systems.
I like knowing how my role contributes to the overall company mission.
Attention to detail is important in virtually every task.

My favorite mission to date is definitely the Atlantic hurricane mission.

When SD 1045 made global headlines in 2021 after spending 24 hours inside Category 4 Hurricane Sam, delivering the world’s first video footage from inside a major hurricane as it surged across the Atlantic, it was a thrill to be a part of the team, knowing that I helped to build that vehicle.

I was employee #77, I believe; now we are at 250 employees. Our processes and procedures continue to improve, which makes the work more efficient. My goal here at Saildrone is long-term: I would like to be the first Black female to move up in the company, and to utilize my expertise in quality control, not just in production, but across the company to support Saildrone’s commitment to excellence

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