Saildrone Avoids 99% of Comparable Maritime Emissions

Saildrone’s first annual Carbon Impact Report highlights that in 2022, the dramatic amount of maritime data collection emissions that can be avoided by using USVs.

Saildrone has today released its first annual Carbon Impact Report, a detailed assessment of the company’s carbon emissions and the emissions avoided through the utilization of its innovative uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs). This report confirms Saildrone’s commitment to driving sustainability and protecting marine ecosystems and showcases the positive environmental impact of the company’s operations.

The report reveals that in 2022, Saildrone avoided 99.9% of comparable ocean data collection emissions across all ocean research, seafloor mapping, and maritime defense missions and 143% of its own total emissions (including Scope 3 downstream sources of emissions).

Earth’s oceans provide food and income for billions of people—the Blue Economy is valued at $1.5 trillion annually—and regulate weather and climate, affecting all people on land. The United Nations calls the ocean the “world’s greatest ally against climate change.” And yet, we know relatively little about them. The maritime industry accounts for some 3% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and yet, we need more, persistent ocean observations to accurately assess the global carbon budget, sustainably manage and protect global fisheries, and enable renewable energy generation.

Saildrone’s innovative approach to maritime data collection, using wind and solar-powered USVs, offers a sustainable alternative for collecting high-quality ocean data at a tiny fraction of the carbon footprint.

“Ocean access and exploration is critical to the health of our planet and the expansion of the Blue Economy, but until now, collecting that data has been very fossil-fuel intensive. Reducing the carbon footprint of maritime data collection has been part of our core mission from the beginning, so it is very satisfying to now see that goal validated in our operational data,” said Saildrone founder and CEO Richard Jenkins. “As we grow our fleet in support of our science, commercial, and defense customers, so too do we grow the amount of carbon we offset. It is an honor to be a part of the long-term carbon solution.” 

Saildrone USVs have already sailed more than 1.1 million nautical miles and spent more than 36,000 days at sea collecting vast amounts of data in support of the Blue Economy and maintaining a safe and healthy ocean. This comprehensive data set has been instrumental in improving weather forecasting and understanding the dynamic behavior of Earth’s oceans. 

Through partnerships with defense agencies, civil government, and leading commercial maritime organizations, Saildrone continues to expand its network and maximize its positive environmental impact. 

Download the report here.

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