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About “SAILDRONE’s Antarctic Circumnavigation Video Contest”

Subject to SAILDRONE’s Terms of Use (, and SAILDRONE’s Privacy Policy (, as applicable,  “SAILDRONE’s Antarctic Circumnavigation Video Contest” (the “Contest”) is a 2019 contest for video presentations showcasing understanding of the impact of the Antarctic region on the rest of the world , to be conducted as part of the SAILDRONE Antarctic Circumnavigation project (the “Project”), a scientific and educational outreach project organized by SAILDRONE Inc. (“SAILDRONE” or the “COMPANY”), with the benevolent sponsorship of Li Ka Shing Foundation Limited (“LKSF”).  

Through the Project website (the “Website”), Contest entrants (the “Entrants”) can obtain information pertaining to the Contest, download the Parental/Guardian Consent Form (“Parental/Guardian Consent Form”), and contest entry form (“Entry Form”). By participating in the Contest and its related activities, Entrants, and in case the Entrants are minors or lacking mental capacity, their lawfully-authorized parents or legal guardians, on behalf of a respective Entrant, fully consent to the Terms and Conditions herein, which includes but may not be limited to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

(I) Eligibility of Entrants

(a) Subject to the Terms and Conditions herein, the Contest is open to all eligible Hong Kong residents aged 11 to 14 years of age at the time of Contest Entry, who may participate by submitting an entry (“Contest Entry”) with completed and executed Entry Form (including a link to the Entrant’s video presentation (“Video”)) and Parental/Guardian Consent Form. Entries submitted through any third parties on the Entrant’s behalf will not be accepted.

(b) Throughout the period between the date of Contest Entry until the date of full completion of the Contest, including the completion of sharing of the winners’ experiences, the Entrant must:

1. be residing in the territory of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with a valid HKID card; and

2. be aged between 11 to 15 years at the time of Contest Entry to be eligible to participate in the Contest.

(c) Contest Entry:

1. Must be performed online at the Website or via

2. Maximum of one (1) video presentation with a duration of 60 seconds or less to be submitted for each Contest Entry. If multiple entries are received at the Website from the same Entrant, the first Contest Entry received will be considered the Entrant’s submission for the Contest.  Other entries from the same Entrant will be removed from the Contest and be invalidated.

3. All Entrants must have explicitly obtained their parents’ or legal guardians’ permission to enter the Contest and such parent or legal guardian must have duly completed and signed the Parental/Guardian Consent Form.

4. The Entrant must submit by uploading the following to the Website or sending to  (i) completed Entry Form with information including (1) Full name in English, (2) Full name in Chinese, (3) Month and Year of Birth, (4) First 4 digits of the Hong Kong Identity Card number or Birth Certificate number (if below 11 years of age), (5) Telephone number, (6) Email address, (7) School, (8) Link to their video presentation. The link should be a website hosting the Video accessible by SAILDRONE, and in any case, no larger than 10MB in size; and

(ii) duly signed and completed Parental/Guardian Consent Form.

5. By submitting the Video, the Entrant represents and warrants that the Video submitted is his/her own original works.

6. By submitting the Contest Entry, the Entrant’s duly-authorized parent or legal guardian represents and warrants that (i) he or she is the duly-authorized parent or the duly approved legal guardian of the Entrant; (ii) consistent with the terms and conditions herein, the Entrant is fully eligible and is willing to participate in the Contest; (iii)  he or she fully consents to the Entrant’s participation in the Contest; (iv) he or she has read all the Terms & Conditions, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy herein; and (v) he or she shall guarantee the full performance of the Entrant’s obligations in and relating to the Contest.

7. Subject to SAILDRONE’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as these Terms and Conditions herein, all Contest Entries and information submitted, such as application contents, pictures uploaded, must be non-commercial and not-for-profit, and cannot to any degree:

• involve any commercial content or promotion of products or services;

• directly or indirectly promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, munitions of war, weapons, pornography, gambling, violence, or narcotics;

• discriminate against age, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, profession, ethics, or religion;

• defame, slander, disparage, disdain, or insinuate any commodity, service, person, or organisation;

• be offensive or in poor taste;

• involve political advocacy;

• involve any illegality; or

• infringe upon the copyright, rights, or privacy of others.

8. Entry Forms cannot be amended or withdrawn once submitted.

9. Failure to connect to the Internet at any time during the Contest Entry process may disrupt the application process and the Entrant should complete the Contest Entry process again. Contest Entry is completed only upon the Entrant’s receipt of an email acknowledgement.

10. All Contest Entries will be processed pursuant to these Terms & Conditions.  During such process, Entrants, parents and/or legal guardians (if applicable) of the Entrants may be contacted for verification of information submitted.

11. By submitting the Contest Entry, the Entrant represents and warrants the completeness, truth and accuracy of all information and documents provided. If an Entrant provides incomplete, false or misleading information or documents, or breaches/violates the Terms and Conditions, as considered by SAILDRONE, such Contest Entry may be rejected or disqualified.

(II) Contest Schedule

Entry Period 5 March 2019 to 5 May 2019 23:59:59 HK Time

Judging Period 6 May  2019 to 10 May 2019 23:59:59 HK Time

Results Announcement 15 May 2019

The schedule may be revised without further notice.

(III) Notification of Winning Entrants

A total of three winning Entrants selected by SAILDRONE will be announced on or around 15 May 2019 and they will receive email notifications at the email addresses stated in their Contest Entries.

(IV) Prize

Each winner will be awarded a trip to the SAILDRONE headquarters in Alameda, California, USA, to visit the SAILDRONE office and to meet other tech Start Ups in the Bay Area, with meals, transportation and accommodation, including:  

• one round trip economy class air ticket between Hong Kong and San Francisco, USA; and

• a minimum of two nights’ accommodation on a sharing basis in the vicinity of Alameda, California, USA.

SAILDRONE shall have absolute discretion over the trip including all arrangements and may amend the above such as the trip itinerary without further notice.

(V) Award of Prizes

1. Prizes are not transferable.  

2. Winners shall share their experiences in such format as may be requested by SAILDRONE. This format may include submitting a report with photos and videos, attending press interviews or at sharing sessions. Each of the Winners represents and warrants that all materials and information given throughout the Project including those submitted in the report and given during sharing experiences are their original works or that they have obtained proper authorization or permission, and further consents that all information shared may be uploaded to the Website, social media accounts of SAILDRONE and LKSF and may be released to the public.  

3.   The prize shall be deemed forfeited if (i) the prize is not claimed by signing and returning the acceptance letter and release and waiver as required within fourteen (14) days of the date of our attempted notification, and if such expiration date shall be a public holiday, it shall be extended to the following business day, or such other date as announced on the Website, or (ii) the winner does not have a valid USA visa or otherwise unlikely or does not qualify to enter into or stay in the USA territory in the reasonable opinion of SAILDRONE or by order of the USA authorities by 5 July 2019 or at any time thereafter.

(VI) General Conditions

1. Each Entrant represents and warrants that he/she has fully complied with all Terms and Conditions. All Entrants must ensure that the copyright and all other rights to all of the information/materials provided including their Video are owned by them, or do not violate or infringe upon rights owned by other parties and/or are not copy of the work of others, are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and are appropriate and consistent with the stated purposes of the Contest. All pictures, videos, and/or audio recordings (if any) submitted must either be the original creations of the Entrants or that the Entrants have obtained proper authorization or permission.

2. By submission of any and all documents hereunder including the Entry Forms and Video, the Entrants hereby fully agree that all submitted project information including the Video will be used for execution and promotion of the Contest and Project.

3. All Entrants are bound by these Terms and Conditions. The Entrants are liable for all risks (including but not limited to risks to any third party) associated with the submitted Contest Entry contents and any and all of their acts or omissions, and any delay or failure throughout the Contest.

4. Information collected from the Entrants, parents or legal guardians will be used for the purposes of the Contest and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

5. The Terms and Conditions of the Project including the Contest may be revised at any time without further notice.

(VII) Disclaimers

1. LKSF and/or SAILDRONE shall not be responsible or liable for any and all disputes, claims, proceedings, litigations, liabilities, damages, losses, injuries, or costs and expenses (including without limitation legal fees) arising directly or indirectly to any person (whether to the Entrants, their parents or legal guardians, their agents, representatives or third parties) or to any property arising from or in connection with any and all acts or omissions, including delay or failure, throughout the Contest, including use of or inability to use the Website or, winner notification, selection and participation in any Contest related activities and/or any related act or omission of SAILDRONE and/or LKSF, any of their directors, trustees, employees, agents, representatives or any related third parties.  Each of the Entrants shall unconditionally and irrevocably fully indemnify, keep indemnified, hold harmless and defend LKSF and/or SAILDRONE and its/their directors, trustees, employees, agents, representatives or any related third parties from and against all such disputes, claims, proceedings, litigations, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including without limitation legal fees).

2. All information, materials and comments provided by or relating to the Project (including the information provided by SAILDRONE), and users of social media channels and posted or hyperlinked to the Website or LKSF website and other social media channels are their views and opinions and do not reflect the view or opinion of LKSF in any manner. LKSF and/or SAILDRONE make(s) no representation or warranty that such contents are complete, true, accurate or reliable, or that they do not infringe rights of third parties. LKSF and/or SAILDRONE disclaim(s) all claims, proceedings, litigations, disputes, liabilities, damages, losses, injuries, and costs and expenses (including without limitation legal fees) of any kind by any person. The Website and materials therein are maintained by SAILDRONE and not by LKSF.   LKSF shall not be responsible or liable for their content, products, services, policies (or the lack of them) or, activities and/or use of the Website or reliance of any information or materials therein. LKSF reserves the right to administer the related materials posted on the LKSF website and LKSF social media channels.

3. The Website is the sole responsibility of SAILDRONE. SAILDRONE makes no relating representations or warranties of whatever kind. SAILDRONE retains the right to restrict use of the Website, in any manner it deems appropriate without prior notice. The Website, contents, materials and software are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and SAILDRONE makes no representation or warranty that (a) they are accurate, timely, uninterrupted, virus/error free or do not infringe rights of third parties; (b) the results obtained from the use of the contents or software is reliable; (c) any errors in the software will be rectified.

(VIII) General

1. These Terms and Conditions including the privacy policy are governed by and construed in accordance with the corporate laws of the State of Delaware and, as to matters other than corporate law, the laws of the State of California and the governing laws of the United States, as such laws apply to contracts entered into and wholly to be performed therein by residents of such state.

2. For enquiries, please email SAILDRONE at


Subject to SAILDRONE’s Terms of Use (, and SAILDRONE’s Privacy Policy (, as applicable,  this Privacy Policy relates to personal information supplied by you for this Contest. The provision of your personal information is voluntary, though true and accurate personal information must be produced by you so as to enable us to process your applications and implement the activities for which the personal information was provided. By participating in the Contest and its related activities, you fully consent to the Terms and Conditions (including this Privacy Policy).

Purposes of collection of personal information

SAILDRONE Inc. (“SAILDRONE”) respects the privacy of your personal information. Unless with your consent, or permitted or required by law, any personal information provided by you for the Contest will only be disclosed to organizations or persons designated by SAILDRONE and to be used by SAILDRONE and/or its designated organizations or persons for handling, administering, processing, verifying, dealing with, assisting and following up with your entry and related functions and activities in connection with the "SAILDRONE Antarctic Circumnavigation Video Contest” (the “Contest”) and all other directly related purposes, including assisting in conducting checks on personal details in relation to processing entries.

Confidentiality and information security

In order to protect your privacy, SAILDRONE will in accordance with the applicable laws adopt all reasonably practicable measures to ensure that all personal data are correct and kept confidentially, and will follow the relevant and governing laws in making corrections and giving access to data. Data access and data correction requests may be made to the Webmaster via email:

Retention of personal information

Your personal information will be kept by SAILDRONE for a reasonable period of time as may be required for the above purposes and in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions.

Possible disclosure to other parties

You consent that information and materials submitted by you may be disclosed to organizations or persons authorized by SAILDRONE and/or to be used by SAILDRONE or any of their authorized organizations or persons for educational or other non-commercial purposes and/or for promotion of the Contest in SAILDRONE’s absolute discretion.

Amendment to this Privacy Policy

SAILDRONE reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time without further notice.