Mission Portal

Saildrone provides a secure application for real-time data access and visualization with external data integrations and the ability to manage a user’s fleet, all via a user-friendly secure web portal with advanced collaboration features and mission planning tools.

Saildrone's Real-Time Mission Portal

A fully managed ocean data service to keep you in control.

Saildrone Mission Portal showing echo sounder data

On-the-fly Analysis

The Saildrone Mission Portal provides a variety of tools—overlays of satellite products, model GRIB files, and ingestion of other assets such as ships, buoys, tagged animals, or other autonomous platforms—for on-the-fly mission analysis.

Adaptive Sampling

Observed an interesting feature? Users can update the route planning of any mission with point-and-click ease using precise waypoint management. Routes can be edited collaboratively, saved in libraries, and sent to mission control for vehicle re-tasking.

Email-free Collaboration

The Saildrone Mission Portal offers advanced collaboration tools and permissioning, making large-scale mission collaboration efficient and email-free. All communication is threaded, easy to follow, and offers users the ability to upload files.

Your Data, Your Way

In addition to visualizing data, real-time data is also available in NetCDF format following Unidata CF Conventions for on-the-fly offline analysis in popular tools such as MATLAB or R.