Baja California Satellite Calibration & Validation

A 60-day cruise to study sea surface temperature and air-sea heat fluxes along dynamic frontal regions off the coast of California.



operation area

US/Mexico West Coast

deployment location

Saildrone HQ


The 60-day Baja Campaign cruise was the first time the Saildrone USV platform was used in comparison studies with a satellite. The saildrone sailed from San Francisco along the US/Mexico coast toward Guadalupe Island across the highly variably California Current System. The goal of this mission was to perform a three-way comparison between data collected from a Saildrone USV, the satellite, and moored buoys and research vessels along the track in a region known for complex air-land-sea dynamics.


The data collected from this mission works toward advancing research into upwelling dynamics, air-sea fluxes, and ocean fronts in an economically important part of the ocean.