David E. Shaw Brings Extensive Science & Conservation Experience to Saildrone's Ocean Advisory Board

The founder of the Sargasso Sea Alliance and Aspen High Seas Initiative and member of Ocean Elders will help Saildrone achieve its mission to sustainably explore, map, and monitor the ocean.

David E. Shaw scuba diving in Palau, an archipelago of islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

Saildrone is excited to welcome David Evans Shaw to its ocean advisory board. Shaw has extensive leadership background in building global high-growth technology-based businesses. He has been very active in public service for marine and terrestrial stewardship, the advancement of science, and other experiences that will be instrumental in achieving Saildrone’s mission to sustainably explore, map, and monitor the ocean to understand, protect, and preserve our world.

“David has been a longtime friend of Saildrone and a powerful advocate for building high-impact science-based enterprises. His career in both business and public service have given him unique perspectives that will help guide Saildrone’s mission. As an Ocean Elder, with a love for all things ocean, David could not be a better champion to help spearhead our global ocean initiatives,” said Saildrone founder and CEO Richard Jenkins.   

Richard Jenkins and David Shaw at Saildrone headquarters in Alameda, CA.

Shaw’s career has included extensive public service in science, conservation, and public policy. Notably, he has been a presidential appointee to the National Park Foundation, founding chair of the Sargasso Sea Alliance and Aspen High Seas Initiative, and a member of Ocean Elders, a group of global leaders who use their collective influence to pursue the protection of the ocean’s habitat and wildlife.

“My interest in supporting Saildrone’s work stems from my career of building disruptive science-based companies, and from extensive global experience in ocean stewardship. Saildrone’s game-changing data collection capability provides unprecedented intelligence and insight for subjects ranging from maritime security and mapping to monitoring global fishing and earth systems processes such as weather forecasting, carbon cycling, and climate change. I am excited to support Saildrone’s important and motivational work, and to collaborate with such a great leadership team,” said Shaw. 

As a CEO and board member, Shaw has helped build more than a dozen successful technology companies including IDEXX, Ikaria, and Covetrus. He is an experienced investor in science-based ventures via partnership and advisory roles with leading firms such as Venrock Associates, Just Capital, SVB Leerink, Arctaris Partners, and Polaris Venture Partners. Additionally, Shaw has served as treasurer emeritus of The American Association for the Advancement of Science, member of The Council on Foreign Relations, a Patron of Nature to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and founder of Second Century Stewardship for America’s national parks. In 2013, he was named International SeaKeeper of the Year. 

Read Shaw’s full bio and check out his video gallery of work around the world.


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