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Saildrone is seeking impact partners to operationalize its USV platform for the benefit of humankind.


The founder of the Radiant Earth Foundation and former president and CEO of PlanetIQ, will work to develop the partnerships required to address some of the planet’s biggest challenges.


Two autonomous wind-powered vehicles sailed from Cabo Verde to Trieste, Italy, demonstrating how fit-for-purpose technology can be used to increase ocean observation.


Two Saildrone USVs are sailing from Cabo Verde to Trieste, Italy on a six-month mission to better understand ocean acidification, the global carbon budget, and the socio-economic impacts of a changing ocean ecosystem.


SD 1020 survived freezing temperatures, 15-meter waves, 130 km/h winds, and collisions with giant icebergs to complete the 22,000-kilometer mission in 196 days.


Data from the First Saildrone Antarctic Circumnavigation has been released to the global scientific community on Saildrone’s new data portal,, a repository of high-resolution in-situ observations collected by our global fleet of ocean drones.


The first autonomous circumnavigation of Antarctica provides an unprecedented opportunity to bring this remote marine environment to the classroom.

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