Maritime Domain Awareness

Saildrone’s autonomous platforms are specially equipped to provide persistent, cost-effective solutions to increase maritime domain awareness—enhancing information and decision advantage by providing edge-processed and raw data from a suite of surface and subsurface sensors.

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Days at sea: 10,450
Miles sailed: 657,567
Samples collected: 407M
Explorer Emissions: Zero


Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)
Operating above and below the sea surface providing strategic observation, vehicle tracking, and communications
Force Protection
Saildrone uncrewed surface vehicles offer enhanced threat detection for vulnerable assets
Law Enforcement & Maritime Safety
Detection and alerting for multiple use cases including piracy, narcotics, human trafficking, or illegal fishing activities
Ecosystem Monitoring
Oceanographic and meteorological monitoring in marine sanctuaries and protected areas

Maximizing information and decision advantage in real time with uncrewed 24/7/365 operation with ML-enabled contact detection.

ML-enabled Maritime Domain Awareness
Saildrone USVs utilize machine learning models running onboard GPU compute processors to deliver real-time, visual detection of targets that are otherwise not transmitting their position. These detection events are then fused with other data sources to deliver a fully informed picture of the surrounding maritime domain.

  • Satellite enabled, global, secure, C2 infrastructure
  • Globally available encrypted satellite communications
  • Secure web-based “Mission Portal” for data analysis
  • API for data integration into other systems
AI-Enabled Maritime Domain Awareness

Why Saildrone?

Cost-effective, persistent MDA in any ocean
24/7 autonomous operations monitoring with real-time data transmission via satellite communications
Up to 365 days without returning to port for maintenance or refueling
Reduced fuel consumption and carbon footprint
Secure, encrypted data, vehicle to cloud
Defense and commercial configurations available

Saildrone Vehicles

Saildrone Explorer

Extreme Endurance, Zero Emissions

Low-cost and long-endurance

  • Edge-processed vessel detections
  • Propulsion purely from wind power
  • Solar powered payloads
  • Affordable to deploy at scale
  • Extreme endurance up to 365 days
  • MDA and METOC payloads
    in baseline configuration
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Saildrone Voyager

Multi-INT Maritime ISR

Purpose built for the MDA mission set

  • Radar
  • Persistent datalink
  • Increased power available for payloads
  • Versatile payload integration options
  • Electric propulsion alternative
  • MDA and METOC payloads
    in baseline configuration
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MDA Exercises

U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) Operations

In September 2021, the US Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT), consisting of the US 5th FLEET and Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), launched Task Force 59 to evaluate how unmanned systems maritime domain awareness capabilities (MDA) could extend the reach of traditional manned assets.

NAVCENT began testing Saildrone Explorers equipped for MDA missions in the Gulf of Aqaba and the Arabian Gulf in Winter 2022. Two vehicles were also operated as part of the International Maritime Exercise/Cutlass Express 2022, the world’s largest maritime exercise. 

US Coast Guard Demonstration

In October 2020, Saildrone performed a successful 30-day proof-of-concept demonstration for the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to show how uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) could be used to provide persistent maritime domain awareness (MDA) at sea. Six saildrones were stationed in an operating area adjacent to Penguin Bank, west of Molokai, Hawaii.

The exercise highlighted specific real-world use cases for persistent MDA: general traffic monitoring, illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing, search and patrol, and port security.

Saildrone Founder & CEO Richard Jenkins Recognized with Michelson Award for Innovation

The Albert A. Michelson Award, presented at Sea Air Space 2022 by the Navy League of the United States, recognizes outstanding achievement by industry innovators and leaders.

The annual award is presented to a “civilian scientist, technical innovator or group or organization that has demonstrated scientific or technical achievement that has resulted in a significant improvement in the strength of our maritime forces or to the enhancement of our industrial-technology base.”

In 2021, Saildrone sent 23-foot Explorer into the eye of category 4 Hurricane Sam in the Atlantic Ocean collecting scientific measurements and HD video that could transform understanding of hurricane forecasting.

Explore Using Saildrones for Maritime Domain Awareness

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