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Week 3: We spoke to USCG Commander D. Blair Sweigart about the Coast Guard’s mission, how autonomy could improve mission performance, and Saildrone’s demonstration of MDA capabilities in Hawaii.


Four saildrones sailed 8,000 nautical miles round trip from San Francisco to the Canadian border to collect bathymetry data off Alaska’s North Slope.


Saildrone USVs enabled the Alaska Fisheries Science Center to perform the 2020 Alaska pollock survey during a time of considerable environmental and civic uncertainty.


The Saildrone Data Explorer is designed to make Saildrone data easy to find, download, and use for scientific and educational purposes.


A saildrone is an autonomous vehicle designed for up to 12-month ocean data collection missions to monitor the planet in real time.


Learn how wind and solar-powered saildrones are collecting data at sea in unprecedented detail.


The saildrone's patented wing design enables the USV to cross oceans while only consuming a few watts of electricity—but the wing was originally born on land.

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