Saildrone Surveyor

Saildrone Surveyor Completes Its First Ocean Crossing from San Francisco to Hawaii

Following this successful proof of concept voyage, Saildrone will build a fleet of Surveyors, manufactured at US shipyards, to map Earth’s oceans in the next 10 years.

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Saildrone Launches 72-foot Surveyor, Revolutionizing Ocean Seabed Mapping

The new Saildrone Surveyor is the world’s most advanced uncrewed surface vehicle, equipped with an array of acoustic instruments for high-resolution shallow and deep-water mapping.

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NOPP Grant Creates 3-Way PPP to Advance Ocean Mapping

UNH, MBARI, and Saildrone will work together to advance deepwater ocean bathymetry thanks to a three-year grant from the National Oceanographic Partnership Program.

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