Critical Data for Weather & Climate

The ocean is critically under-explored and lacks the monitoring systems needed to understand our climate. Advanced technologies are needed to effectively monitor our ocean and gain critical insights into climate science.


Transforming Ocean Access through Advanced Technology

Over the past decade, Saildrone USVs have redefined the art of the possible for scientific research at sea. Traditionally, researchers have relied on expensive, carbon-intensive, and scarce crewed vessels to obtain the data needed to understand our changing climate. Saildrone USVs have dramatically reduced the cost, risk, and carbon footprint associated with data collection at sea, unlocking access to vast pools of data and transforming scientists’ understanding of the ocean’s impact on Earth’s climate. 


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109.83 knots

Highest wind speed recorded

14.15 meters

Highest significant wave height

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Your Mission is in Good Hands


Mission Planning

Saildrone undertakes a rigorous, comprehensive planning process in close collaboration with our customers. A thorough feasibility analysis identifies the deployment zone, and the most optimal routes for mission success are ascertained.


Mission Execution

Missions are fully managed by Saildrone, covering logistics, deployment, and operations. The Saildrone Mission Portal facilitates ongoing remote monitoring, allowing for immediate data access and quality assessment, allowing for on-the-fly adaptations to mission plans to meet customer specifications.


Post Mission

Once the vehicles return to shore, Saildrone handles all retrieval and logistical arrangements, and the raw data is downloaded and delivered to the customer.

Client Stories

Saildrone is proud to have partnered with leading organizations to help them successfully achieve their climate science mission objectives.

During our first mission in 2019, we learned a great deal. We had a singleSaildrone Explorer operating in the Gulf Stream for about 18 days. In thatshort period, we collected as many ocean CO2 measurements in the Gulf Streamfor the month of February as had ever been recorded in the entire history ofoceanography for that month.”

Jamie Palter

Oceanographer at University of Rhode Island

We’re grateful and happy for the cooperation with Saildrone. The team was very helpful and solutions-oriented, which was important for such a long-lasting mission as ATL2MED. We were also quite impressed by the amount of effort they put into piloting the saildrones—do they ever sleep?!”

Ingunn Skjelvan

Research Scientist at Norce Norwegian Research Centre and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and Principal Investigator for Station Certification at ICOS

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