Arctic Single-Beam Mapping

An 8,000 nautical mile mission from San Francisco to the Canadian border to provide modern, accurate mapping data of Alaska’s North Slope and the Bering Sea.



operation area

Chukchi Sea

deployment location

Dutch Harbor. AK


A five-month mission to map the 20-meter and 50-meter isobaths off Alaska's North Slope to, with additional surveys in Norton Sound and Kuskokwim Bay. Metocean data collected simultaneously was shared with the GTS in real time. The mission was operated in collaboration with TerraSond on behalf of NOAA’s National Ocean Service (NOS) Office of Coast Survey (OCS). It is the first step toward resolving major gaps in the charts of the Arctic.


Data collected will be used to improve nautical charts of the Arctic, and lays the groundwork for future mapping operations in the Arctic and beyond.