Saildrone Forecast: Weather Insight for Everyone

Check out the first weather forecast powered by ocean drone, available in the iOS App Store and on the web!

Saildrone’s growing fleet of unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) is collecting an unprecedented amount of data about the world’s oceans, from fish stock assessments to meteorological observations. Now we’re making that data more accessible and useful in an exciting new way: Saildrone Forecast.

Saildrone Forecast is the first forecast that combines oceanographic and atmospheric data collected by saildrones with conventional weather information to create a more robust weather forecast.

saildrone forecast available for ios, web
Saildrone Forecast is available in the App Store and on the web.

Because oceans cover more than 70% of our planet, much of the weather we experience on land begins in the ocean: sea surface temperature, wind and water currents, and the rate of evaporation in the ocean combine to determine whether we need a rain jacket or a t-shirt on any given day on land. The majority of observations in publicly available weather data sets are land-based. Until now, there has been very limited data from observation stations across the oceans. Our growing fleet of saildrones is exploring ever-increasing areas of this under-sampled domain. We’re working to ultimately reach 6x6 degree coverage of the world’s oceans for real-time planetary scale observations.

On the iOS app and web, Saildrone Forecast features remarkably detailed maps with temperature, feels-like temperature, wind, rain, snow, clouds, and current speed and direction. Glance quickly for current conditions or create a custom view with only the weather information you need. Search forecasts by location (city, neighborhood, address) or landmark (parks, schools, lakes, businesses, etc.) and save favorite places for easy access.

Saildrone Forecast iPhone
Get temperature, wind, rain, snow, clouds, and current speed and direction.

Saildrone USVs have been collecting ocean data for the science community all over the world. As wind-propelled and solar-powered vehicles, one of the keys to successfully completing their missions is a thorough understanding of the weather at any given location. From the very beginning, Saildrone set out to build a team of highly skilled individuals including meteorologists, engineers, and 3D visualization experts to develop unique insights into complex planetary systems.

Saildrone Forecast leverages those research efforts to provide everyone with a better understanding of the weather conditions affecting us, and contextual information to help you plan outdoor activities with confidence. In addition to providing a new level of insight, we worked to make this experience as delightful and beautiful as our planet deserves.

Don’t take our word for it—try the iOS app on iPhone and iPad for yourself. If you’re on an Android or desktop, check out the web version at

Do you like Saildrone Forecast, love it, or wish it had a particular feature? Let us know what you think. And, make sure to share Saildrone Forecast with your friends!


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