Full Ocean Depth Mapping Solutions for Diverse Markets

Saildrone reveals the uncharted territory of the ocean through advanced technology. Our fleet of vehicles has been tried and tested in the most complex environments with groundbreaking missions to map remote and previously inaccessible regions. Equipped with industry-leading sonars for near-shore and open-ocean bathymetry, the data sets collected are high-quality and conform to stringent industry standards.

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Ocean floor profile

Near-shore Mapping

Explore the continental shelf (300 m and shallower). Saildrone’s Voyager class comes equipped with the latest in multibeam echo sounder technology to meet a customer’s most stringent data collection requirements for safety of navigation, exploration, and characterization of the seabed.

Ocean floor profile

Deep-sea Mapping

Push the boundaries with the Saildrone Surveyor class capable of full ocean, large-scale surveys up to 11,000 m in depth. Advanced multibeam sonar produces high-resolution mapping data that is IHO compliant.

Sub-bottom profiling data

Sub-bottom Profiling

Collect subsurface data to characterize the seafloor with Saildrone Voyager-class vehicles equipped with sub-bottom profilers.


Proven Operations in the Harshest Environments

Immediate Availability

There is a global backlog for traditional survey ships. But Saildrone USVs are available now.

Low Carbon

Propelled primarily by renewable energy in the form of wind and solar power, Saildrone USVs are the leading environmentally-friendly ocean data solution operating in near silence with almost zero carbon emissions.

Unparalleled Capability

Saildrone Surveyor’s advanced sonar system offers deepwater ocean mapping not available from any other autonomous platform.

Challenging Environments

Saildrone USVs have demonstrated their ability to withstand even the most challenging ocean conditions. From Arctic missions to hurricane tracking and Antarctica circumnavigation, Saildrone USVs have consistently proven robust and reliable.

A Saildrone on water

Advanced Payloads Delivering High-Grade Mapping Data

Saildrone’s vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge survey-specific payloads designed to deliver high-resolution mapping data from every ocean in the world. Single and multibeam echo sounders and comprehensive metocean sensors produce mapping data that complies with the highest standards.


IHO-compliant Mapping Data Delivered via Advanced Mission Portal Platform

Survey operations are remotely monitored via the Saildrone Mission Portal. The secure platform offers real-time data access 24/7 with tools including overlays of satellite and forecast products, nautical charts, and collaboration tools. Users have access to survey planning tools and can monitor progress and data quality from anywhere in the world.


Mission Planning

At Saildrone, building robust client partnerships for mission success is a top priority. We conduct a comprehensive feasibility assessment to collaboratively identify optimal deployment areas, and chart efficient routes to ensure mission outcomes.


Mission Execution

Saildrone manages end-to-end missions, including logistics, deployment, and operations. Once the mission’s fleet has been deployed, Mission Portal provides 24/7 remote monitoring for real-time analysis of data coverage and quality, and the ability to make adjustments to survey plans on the fly to meet customer needs. Raw data is accessible for processing in near real time via a high-speed, low-latency Starlink connection.


Data Quality

Using cutting-edge uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) carrying advanced payloads, Saildrone delivers high-resolution mapping data to a depth of 11,000 m. Saildrone USVs are equipped with single-beam and multibeam bathymetric sonars that meet or exceed the highest industry requirements.


Post Mission

Upon mission completion, Saildrone will manage vehicle recovery and logistics. Saildrone’s experienced bathymetry team can post-process the bathymetric data, and deliver comprehensive bathymetric data packages, including detailed survey reports to support client mapping purposes.

An Agile Solution for Ocean Survey

Discover how Saildrone technology can be a force multiplier for your mission. With our USVs, you can explore even further without risking personnel or assets.


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