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Saildrone’s Arctic fleet has begun to map the 20-meter and 50-meter contour lines from Point Hope to the Canadian border.


This first-of-its-kind acoustic bathymetry mission will test the ability of Saildrone USVs to map the US exclusive economic zone off Alaska’s North Slope.


UNH, MBARI, and Saildrone will work together to advance deepwater ocean bathymetry thanks to a three-year grant from the National Oceanographic Partnership Program.


Saildrone USVs can not only significantly reduce the cost of ocean mapping at scale, but they can also more easily and efficiently reach the most remote corners of the ocean.


Saildrone partnered with the University of Southern Mississippi and NOAA to complete our first shallow-water multibeam bathymetry mission in the Gulf of Mexico.


Hint: A fleet of autonomous ocean drones collecting unprecedented amounts of data.

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