A Full Life Cycle Solution

Saildrone’s leading autonomous technology is designed to maximize and futureproof offshore wind services with full life cycle solutions. From eco-lifecycle and hydrographic reconnaissance site surveys to ecosystem and maritime security monitoring.


Transforming Ocean Access through Advanced Technology

Uncrewed solutions deliver a cost-effective alternative to crewed ships while simultaneously de-risking projects and reducing your project's carbon footprint.

Saildrone USVs are equipped with cutting-edge scientific sensors and cameras to gather essential data for offshore wind farms. This includes high-resolution ocean mapping, metocean data, persistent ecosystem monitoring, and the implementation of maritime security.

Together with optical cameras and proprietary machine-learning models, the Saildrone platform delivers real-time, 24/7 visual detection of maritime activity in the vicinity of protected assets, including identifying vessels and visiting sea life.


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109.83 knots

Highest wind speed recorded

14.15 meters

Highest significant wave height

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Your Mission is in Good Hands


Mission Planning

Mission Planning Working closely with customers, Saildrone Mission Management conducts an in-depth pre-mission planning assessment. This includes a comprehensive feasibility analysis to pinpoint suitable deployment zones and determine the most efficient mission routes.


Mission Execution

Saildrone manages every aspect of the mission, in coordination with the customer, from start to finish, encompassing logistics, deployment, and operations. Our Mission Portal allows remote monitoring for real-time data assessment and enables swift adjustments to survey plans to align with customer requirements. Raw data is available in near real time for rapid processing via a high-speed, low-latency Starlink connection.


Post Mission

After the mission, Saildrone takes charge of vehicle retrieval and logistical coordination. When required, Saildrone’s team of experts will post-process the data and deliver a comprehensive data package to the customer.

Client Stories

Learn more about how Saildrone is working with offshore wind stakeholders develop solutions to scale renewable energy production.

Saildrone and RPS are working together to provide a unique, flexible, and adaptable solution to marine mammal monitoring of large areas over significant time periods, using smart tools to reduce personnel in the field but without decreasing the monitoring and mitigation provided to protect our marine animal neighbors.”

Stephanie Milne

RPS Team Leader, US Offshore Renewables

With a zero operational carbon footprint, no impact to the marine ecosystem, a diverse payload, and the ability to stay at sea for extended lengths of time, Saildrone is ideally suited to provide never-before-collected information about offshore bat migration patterns. This important information will allow us to understand and minimize the potential impacts of offshore wind energy development on bat populations.”

Michael Whitby

BCI Director of Bats & Wind Energy Program

Accelerate the Development of Offshore Wind Projects

Implement a streamlined and cost-efficient full life cycle solution for your offshore wind project with Saildrone’s advanced technology.